Anxiety Myth #5

Avoiding your fears is the best advice.

This one seems to make sense, but it is so wrong.  When a fear is unreasonable, it is most likely due to an inaccurate belief.  Avoiding the fear simply reinforces the inaccurate or false belief.  What a person needs to do is correct the belief and confront the fear with the new found belief…The Truth!  The fear and anxiety will not disappear immediately, but over time is will disappear, often quicker than one would realize.

If your fear is complex, you may need a therapist with training in Cognitive Process Therapy who can help you identify and correct your beliefs regarding the fears….this is a key part of CPT.  The below video link on In-Context Exposure Therapy can offer some insight in how this can work.

Below is an info-graphic you can share on social media to help spread the truth!

Debunking Anxiety Myths 5

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