Anxiety Myth #7

An alcoholic drink, prescription tranquilizers, or “medical” marijuana are the best treatments for anxiety.

Well, I can tell you that a lot of people and professionals put stock in these solutions to anxiety, but unfortunately they are creating a new problem while allowing their anxiety disorder to continue.

It is true that alcohol, tranquilizers, and marijuana have a sedating effect when it comes to anxiety, they also have a lot of baggage of their own.  Chemical avoidance is not the best answer when it comes to treating anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Imagine if you fell and broke a bone in your ankle and were experiencing pain….what would you do?  Hopefully, most if not all of you would go to the ER, get an accurate diagnosis of the problem, have appropriate medical treatment so that it would heal, and restore the ankle to it’s pre-injury state.

Instead of the above scenario, would any of you simply go home and drink away the pain?  Or ask the doctor for pain medication alone?  Or drive to Colorado to buy some medical marijuana so you wouldn’t care about the pain or the anxiety of having a broken ankle? Hopefully not!

Anxiety is a natural sign that something is wrong.  Either we are in some sort of danger than needs to be fixed, or we are misperceiving something as dangerous and need effect treatment to correct our misbeliefs.

Don’t just mask the problem with chemical avoidance, do something that actually helps. Effective treatments are available!

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