Anxiety Myth #8

Anxiety only develops from traumatic situations.

It is true, anxiety CAN develop from traumatic situations, but that is not the only means of experiencing anxiety.

First of all, anxiety is not a bad thing.  We were designed to experience anxiety as a means of recognizing a danger or a threat.  Without anxiety I doubt if many of us would make it to adulthood.  Anxiety makes us more alert and aware of our surroundings, and during a true crisis our body is flooded with adrenaline that gives us the ability to fight or flee from the danger.

However, in today’s society we experience anxiety for many reason that have little to do with a true threat or danger.  And we experience much of this for reasons other than trauma.

For example, a person growing up in a family where negativity is always present can inaccurately learn that the world is negative and dangerous and needs to guarded against.

A person who grows up in a neighborhood or community where other races or cultures are always condemned may feel anxiety when they encounter other races at college.

Living in an area where there are actual dangers (i.e. living in the an area heavily populated with rattlesnakes) can lead to unnatural fears and anxiety after moving from that area (i.e. moving to an area where rattlesnakes don’t live).

Spending too much time around overzealous or paranoid people can lead to unrealistic anxiety and even Shared Delusional Disorder (a topic for another day).

You see, problematic anxiety or anxiety disorder can develop for many reasons and often center around inaccurate beliefs.  However, help is available for anxiety.  There is no need to keep living with unrealistic fears.

Debunking Anxiety Myths 8

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